Meet The Face Mortgages with Nicolle Williams

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Meet The Face Mortgages with Nicolle Williams
Meet Nicolle Williams, owner of Mortgages with Nicolle Williams. We look forward to sharing her story. We hope that you will enjoy getting to know her better.

Nicolle is an Award Winning Mortgage Agent with over ten years of experience. Having helped many clients achieve their financial goals, she is a passionate mortgage agent who offers ‘tailored’ solutions to each and every client.

Assisting clients to become homeowners, teaching the art of real estate investing, and connecting investors to credible real estate investment options are just the tip of what Nicolle and her team deliver day in, day out.

Nicolle’s ability to meet or exceed clients’ expectations is her greatest value. She makes sure the needs of the client are met outside of just ‘rate shopping’ because she knows there is so much more to a mortgage than its rate.

To assist her clientele, she makes herself accessible to clients via an online calendar booking link. She is always willing and happy to discuss the needs and expectations of new and returning clients.

Moreover, as the market shifts, she is always up to date and knowledgeable of changes and adaptations needed for clients to achieve their goals.

Recently Nicolle Williams hosted a Client Appreciation Day which included a free screening of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog,’ snacks, and door prizes. With love and appreciation for everything Nicolle does, it was an amazing turnout.

A message from Nicolle “Thank you to everyone that continues to rock and support your girl; the entrepreneur journey is definitely not for the faint at heart and to have a community of people genuinely rooting for you is something words alone cannot express.”

With love and gratitude,


As an experienced mortgage agent in Pickering, ON, Nicolle could greatly help you or someone you know. Get in touch with her by clicking here or visit the website at