A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your Dream Home

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If you’re looking to purchase your dream home, there are many things to consider. However, if it’s your first time buying a property, it can be challenging to navigate the home buying process.

So, to assist homebuyers with their goal of purchasing a home, Mortgages with Nicolle Williams and Team Quick Equity.ca has put together a beginner’s guide to buying your dream home. By following this guide, you, as a home seeker, can achieve peace of mind that you are moving in the right direction.

Getting Started

Know your numbers: The key to getting approved is having the ability to interpret basic financial information, so you can understand how much you can afford to borrow. Consequently, you can input the figures of your annual income, monthly living costs, and monthly debt payments on my website’s mortgage calculator to get an estimate.  

Talk to a professional: Do some research to find a mortgage broker that you feel you can work with for a considerable period. You should shortlist and vet the mortgage professionals by checking online reviews and asking for references.

Next Steps

Select a broker: Make sure that the mortgage broker you work with is accredited. Hiring a professional with vast experience will help you understand the ever-changing real estate market and walk you step by step through the process.

Get a home inspection: While the house may look perfect from the outside, once you start to scratch the surface, you may find hidden dangers such as mold. So don’t forget to call a home inspector who will potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Close the deal: Sign the final paperwork with your lawyers. Once all the formalities get completed, you will get the keys and be ready to enjoy your new home.

Advice From The Pros

Be patient: Never make an offer without having your professional mortgage advisor review the purchase price and details.

Have a goal: When you buy real estate, you should know what you intend to do with it. Are you hoping that it will increase in value in the short term, or is it a long-term investment where you’re prepared to wait for a return? It will determine what kind of property you buy and in which area.

At Mortgages with Nicolle Williams and Team Quick Equity.ca, our goal is to exceed your expectations. As the go-to experts in Pickering, ON, for all your mortgage needs, you can feel confident about securing your dream home with us.

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